We are driven to be trendsetters in our industry.

Advisors Excel is no ordinary company — not for Topeka, Kansas, not for anywhere. We’re the square peg to the industry’s round hole, and that’s what has helped make us one of the fastest-growing insurance marketing organizations (IMOs) in history.

Our leaders are innovators — which means we’re often doing things radically different than everybody else.

When Advisors Excel was founded in 2005, it was with the expectation of setting the industry on its ear.

BE BOLD or italic, never regular

We weren’t satisfied with the standard IMO mold; we thought our producers deserved more. That’s why we started this business with four principles that remain our bedrock to this day.

  1. Less can mean more.
    We believe we can provide better service, more one-on-one guidance and invest more resources in fewer producers, so we only recruit producers who we believe we can provide the greatest value.

  2. Surround ourselves with successful people.
    We believe success begets success, so we’ve created a culture of collaboration in which the best in the business share their ideas and strategies, helping everyone become better.

  3. This business is all about prospecting, and prospecting must evolve.
    We’re only successful when our clients are successful, and our clients succeed through effective prospecting. That means we need to make sure we’re staying ahead of the game and sharing it with our clients.

  4. Always do the right thing.
    When we make a promise, we WILL deliver on it. If we make a mistake, we will not only own it, we will fix it. In short, we will always do the right thing.

We are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses.