We believe that every day is game day,

and staff members are expected to come ready to play.

“Average” simply won’t cut it at AE. We need our employees to be exceptional — which is why we hire positive, hard-working people who are capable and comfortable in a fast-moving,
forward-thinking environment.

We expect a lot from the people who work at
Advisors Excel

It’s why we’re so careful in our hiring process. It’s also why we try to make sure the working environment at AE is second to none. We don’t want employees to live here, but we do want them to enjoy their time while here. We’ve noticed people tend to do their best work when they’re having fun, and we only want the best work. From comfortable work spaces, an employee-only gym, café and a plethora of on-the-house beverage options — the perks are practically endless as a team member at Advisors Excel.

Work hard. Play hard.

Our employees work hard — really hard — during the work day. But when the work is done, we expect them to set it aside and focus on the other things in life. We encourage good work/life balance and try to provide ample opportunities for that to be the case.

Learning opportunities:

Part of becoming successful at AE is understanding you’re never done learning. Whether it’s keeping up with the industry, learning new technologies, amping up on time management or organization skills or focusing on personal development, we’ve got employees covered!

Staying in the know:

At AE, employees never fall asleep in staff meetings. That’s because our monthly, all-employee meeting is much more than a time to get updates on company initiatives and upcoming events. Quickly becoming a legend across corporate Topeka, AE’s staff meetings will get you pumped and ready to attack the day!


From complimentary freshly ground coffee, pop, tea and cappuccinos, there’s no lack of creative fuel here. The Snack Shack is an excellent stop if you need a breakfast muffin or an afternoon snack, and employees also have access to an on-site subsidized meal option at the AE Café, which serves salads, sandwiches, wraps and more!

Fitness center:
AE employees can ditch the monthly gym membership fees. Our employee-only fitness center (located in the building) features 12 exercise machines, including treadmills, ellipticals and bikes, along with other workout equipment. Our health and wellness coordinator holds daily boot camps and the occasional fitness challenge, tapping into our competitive sides. Showers are also available — because while a dedication to fitness is commendable, the stench from a workout is not!

Keeping it FUNC-y:

We believe fostering stronger relationships among our employees makes us a stronger company, so we frequently host a number of fun events throughout the year to allow employees time to let loose and socialize with one another. Employees regularly enjoy extracurricular activities planned by our “fun committee” (aka “The FUNC”), including the AE-Mazing Race and annual company-wide flag football, volleyball, basketball and softball games. We also have tailgate parties, Christmas parties and tons of kid-friendly activities such as an Easter egg hunt, a fall family festival, visits from Santa and much more!

Business can’t be all work and no play, right?

7 Reasons Why Working at AE is Awesome

Since our founding in 2005, we’ve worked hard to build a successful company, and we’re pretty proud of the environment and camaraderie we’ve crafted here. There’s a reason why we’ve gained a reputation in Topeka as being one of the most exciting companies to work for — seven reasons, to be exact.

  1. It’s extremely rewarding. Knowing that what we do every single day helps others around the country live more fulfilling futures motivates us to do our best every single day. We don’t believe in “busy work.” Every job has a distinct purpose and is important to the entire company, so you know your work is always appreciated.
  2. Not your normal staff meetings. Like most businesses, we have monthly all-employee staff meetings to update everyone on company initiatives and recent and upcoming events. Unlike most businesses, ours are fun. Through videos and interactive segments led by our three founders, employees leave staff meetings pumped up for the day ahead.
  3. We’re surrounded with the best co-workers in the business. When you work with the best co-workers, it pushes you to be better as well. That’s a no-brainer. We’ve come to expect excellence from our employees — which is why we take finding and hiring the right people very seriously.
  4. We are dedicated to giving back. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of the Topeka and surrounding communities. Period. That’s why we make it a priority for all of our employees to volunteer and give back every month.
  5. Our building is legit. Working in an office building does not mean it has to be boring. That’s what we thought when we bought our digs back in 2012. Besides the café and the gym, there’s custom inspirational wallpaper, video and radio recording studios and even a fully stocked prop closet (which comes in pretty handy).
  6. We want our employees to succeed — at work AND in life. And we believe it’s our job to help them do just that. We’re constantly creating new educational opportunities for our employees, like bringing in guest speakers or leading personal development classes.
  7. We work hard and play hard. In fact, that’s one of our favorite mottos. Bragging rights are always up for grabs in football, basketball, volleyball and softball intramural sports tournaments. Plus, every Friday at 4 p.m. a dozen employees from around the company get to know each other better with a little Pictionary and a lot of laughs. It’s our way of kicking off the weekend right.

We are passionate about helping our clients grow their business

We wear our mission like a suit of clothes, because living it every day is the only way we're going to be able to achieve our mission.