Advisors Excel was started by three people, but it’s been built by everyone who has been a part of the organization since that first day back in 2005.

While the day-to-day business of an insurance marketing organization (IMO) may sound mundane, we can assure you, that’s not the case at Advisors Excel. We have a simple mission: To have a dramatic impact on the business and lives of our producers.

We are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses, and just as passionate about helping them improve their lives. When we go out of our way to help our producers, we have the opportunity to make a dramatic difference both in their businesses and in the quality of their lives. Improving people’s lives is not a bad way to spend your time.

Some companies have a mission statement that is just something they hang on the wall — it doesn’t have a lot to do with their day-to-day operations. That’s not the case here. We wear our mission like a suit of clothes, because living it every day is the only way we’re going to be able to achieve our vision.


9 Things You Didn’t Know About AE

Maybe you’ve already heard that Advisors Excel is the fastest-growing insurance marketing organization in the industry, but we can bet there are a few other things you don’t know about AE. Brush up on your knowledge of the Topeka-based business with these fun facts.

  1. It all started around a kitchen table. What began as just another ordinary day quickly became AE history. Three old college friends sat around a kitchen table talking about what an IMO should be and came up with the new and improved business concept that Advisors Excel embodies today. Now, that very table top is displayed in AE headquarters as a reminder of our humble beginnings.
  2. We’re very proud of our homegrown roots. Our three founders met at and graduated from Washburn University, located only 10 minutes from where our office is today in Topeka, Kansas. The city is AE’s home and where the majority of our employees and their families live. We plan to keep it that way.
  3. No, we don’t sell annuities and life insurance. It’s a question we get asked a lot from people around town, so let’s finally lay that rumor to rest. We don’t sell them, but we do provide training and support to the financial professionals who do.
  4. AE is an insurance marketing organization (IMO). Basically, that means we help independent financial professionals market their small businesses as well as help facilitate their relationships with insurance carriers. Independent financial professionals must work with an IMO to access the insurance products they sell to their clients. AE happens to be the largest IMO in the country, and also the fastest-growing IMO ever. Pretty cool, right?
  5. We service financial professionals all across the country. Our headquarters may be located in the middle of the country, but the professionals we work with aren’t limited to one region. When we aren’t hosting conferences and trainings in Topeka, we’re traveling from sea to shining sea, visiting advisor offices or putting on top-notch events organized by our awesome Events team.
  6. Yes, our office is in the old Marling’s Home Furnishings building. Because of our rapid growth, it’s easy to understand why native Topekans are still a little fuzzy about our location. AE’s first “office” was the basement of a local dentist’s office. Office space number two was in downtown Topeka. We then moved to an office building on Huntoon and Arrowhead. By mid-2013, AE’s 200 employees had outgrown it, so we loaded up our things for the fourth time in eight years and took over the renovated former furniture store on 29th and Fairlawn.
  7. We have our own in-house ad agency and print shop. Loaded with award-winning copywriters, graphic designers, video producers, radio hosts, web marketing specialists and so much more — including our own quality print shop — our Creative team does it all. From logo design to e-marketing solutions and custom video production, AE Creative helps hundreds of financial professionals establish their brands and reinforce their credibility among their target markets.
  8. Our employee newsletter is called “The Half-Eaten Sub.” No, really. Back in the early days, when the company was located downtown next to a Subway sandwich shop, employees would buy the $5 footlong deal and then put out a company-wide email to see who wanted the other half of their sub. Thus, the internal monthly newsletter’s name was born.
  9. If we hit our goal, we take a company trip to Mexico. ¡Sí! The all-expense paid trip is the founders’ way of thanking us for our hard work and dedication, and our spouses for their unending support. But we only get to go if we make our goal each year, which truly lives up to our unofficial company motto, “Work hard, play hard."


Like everything at AE, we went BOLD in establishing our vision

Advisors Excel will make a dramatic, life-changing impact on the communities we serve.