Topeka is giving people up to $15,000 to move. Why not come to work at Advisors Excel?

Choose Topeka, a talent pilot program through GO Topeka and the Joint Economic Development Organization (JEDO), is offering matching incentives by partnering with employers, like Advisors Excel to encourage talent to move to Topeka & Shawnee County.

Incentives are performance based and offer:

$15,000 to home owners
$10,000 to renters

Both incentives offered after the employee has moved and resided in the community for a year. The money can be used on all types of moving related expenses.

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"Thinking outside the box is required today, and we are excited about the Choose Topeka Talent initiative and what it could mean not only for our business but for this community."

David Callanan co-founder of Advisors Excel.

"Everywhere you look in Topeka, from our downtown renovation, to business growth, to our schools, Topeka is showing what a wonderful community it truly is."

Cody Foster co-founder of Advisors Excel.

"Advisors Excel is thrilled about the relocation incentives available through GO Topeka and JEDO. It has already proven to be a big help in expanding our recruitment base as we already have at least one candidate in the pipeline who is interested in making the move to Topeka."

Matt Beier VP of employee initiatives